Bobbi Royle by Mike Hudak
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  Bobbi Royle
The 1998 Christmas Holiday Wild Horse Massacre
As civilization has encroached on the western landscape, water sources and migratory ranges of wild horses have became blocked. And horses, once viewed as living symbols of the Old West, have become increasingly regarded as pests by people whose economic interests compete with them for land and water.

Bobbi Royle began rescuing persecuted wild horses in 1989 and four years later co-founded, with Betty Kelly, Wild Horse Spirit, Ltd., a nonprofit wild horse rescue, advocacy organization, and sanctuary.

In this video, Bobbi Royle describes her experiences on the day that the first of 34 wild horses were found shot on the Virginia Range east of Reno, Nevada. She also summarizes the trial for the three defendants charged with killing the horses.

Recorded in August 2004. This video is an excerpt from Bobbi Royle’s interview in Western Turf Wars: The Politics of Public Lands Ranching.