Martha Hahn by Mike Hudak
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The George W. Bush Administration's Changes in BLM Management
Martha Hahn traces her love for the outdoors to her childhood fishing trips with her grandfather in addition to summers spent at her grandparents’ high desert California home. She furthered her interest in the natural world by attending Utah State University (USU) where she earned a bachelor of science degree in forestry and outdoor recreation. Then as a cooperative education student with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), she earned a master of science degree in outdoor recreation behavior, also at USU. Ms. Hahn spent twenty-six years working in natural resources management with BLM, NPS, and the Grand Canyon Trust. Her career at BLM included four years as the Colorado associate state director and seven years as Idaho state director. Since leaving the federal government in 2002, Ms. Hahn has operated her own consulting business, The Sage Project, which is dedicated to professional coaching and teaching leadership skills.

Martha Hahn, appointed BLM’s Idaho state director under the Clinton administration, describes the management changes she witnessed during the first year of the Bush administration—until the time that she herself was forced out of the agency by political pressure generated by the ranching industry.

Recorded in August 2004. This video is an excerpt from Martha Hahn’s interview in Western Turf Wars: The Politics of Public Lands Ranching.