Notes on Viewing These Videos
To avoid frustration at experiencing lengthy delays in downloading these videos, please take into account the following considerations. If your Internet download speed is less than 500 kilobits per second (kbps), I recommend against attempting to download any videos. If your download speed is greater than 500 kbps, but less than 1,000 kbps (alternatively expressed as 1 megabit per second), I advise remaining with the low-resolution versions. Even then there may be a delay of a minute or two before the video will begin playing. Please note that due to high Internet traffic the actual speed of your connection may be much less than what it is rated at by your Internet service provider. If you are unfamiliar with the typical speed of your Internet connection, you may want to check its speed using a free on-line service, such as this one.

If when downloading a video you experience the display of the "broken film logo" it means that your video player is incapable of playing the video, either because it is an improper type, or because it is not a sufficiently recent version. The remedy is to download a new player from the QuickTime link near the top of this page.
Additional Video Tech Notes
1) Each video is released in two versions: high resolution (typically 640x480 pixels, aka "VGA"), and low resolution (320x240 pixels, aka "QVGA").

2) The videos play at 30 frames per second (fps), the rate at which they were shot. (Internet videos typically play at only 12 or 15 fps. Movement in such videos often appears unnatural.)

3) The videos were rendered using the H.264/AVC video codec.