Patrick Diehl by Mike Hudak
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  Patrick Diehl
The Future of Public Lands Ranching
As a graduate of Harvard, Oxford, and the University of California at Berkeley, with a background in medieval literature, Patrick Diehl would seem an unlikely person to emerge as a significant anti-grazing advocate in the desert of southern Utah. Yet he and his partner, Tori Woodard, drawing upon many years of experience as anti-nuclear activists, brought an unorthodox style to their environmental activism that generated significant media attention. It also brought them the wrath not only of their rural neighbors, but even of some environmentalists. The latter experiences, especially, reveal what may be a significant factor in stifling efforts to build a stronger grassroots movement to end public lands ranching.

In this video, Patrick Diehl describes his recent experience in bringing litigation against BLM over their management of cattle grazing. He concludes with a prediction about the future of ranching on the public lands.

Recorded in September 2004. This video is an excerpt from Patrick Diehl’s interview in Western Turf Wars: The Politics of Public Lands Ranching.