Ray Neiwert by Mike Hudak
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  Ray Neiwert
Land Management Deficiencies of the U.S. Forest Service
After earning his undergraduate degree in range management from the University of Nevada at Reno, Ray Neiwert joined the U.S. Forest Service, where, beginning in 1970, he served as a range conservationist on several national forests throughout the West. He began on the Toiyabe National Forest, based in Austin, Nevada. Then went on to serve in northeastern Wyoming on the Bearlodge District of the Black Hills National Forest. Subsequently, he served on the Ochoco National Forest in Oregon, and in 1982 transferred to the Sawtooth National Forest in Idaho. In 1987, he moved to the Toiyabe-Humboldt National Forest, working out of the office in Ely, Nevada. The following year he returned to the Sawtooth, where he remained until his retirement in 1997.

In this video, Ray Neiwert talks about land management deficiencies he witnessed while employed as a range conservationist for the U.S. Forest Service between 1970 and 1997.

Recorded in August 2003. Read the edited transcript of Ray Neiwert’s entire interview.